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“Nowadays, people do not only care about having the job done. It is also about how the job is done. People want the choice of quality. We at San Francisco Fence Solutions endeavor to be the one who gets that job done for you, according to what you want, how you want it.”


Why get fenced?

According to the website neighborhood scout, San Francisco saw 46.09 and 6.10 rate (per 1000 residents) in theft and burglary cases respectively. A count of 50,356 property crimes (57.1 crime rate per 1000 residents) has also been recorded. If you’re a homeowner that puts priority on the security, privacy and aesthetic of your home or property, fencing it might be the one-stop answer for you! It offers numerous other benefits such as establishing property lines, increasing home value, controlling outdoor noise and even temperature control. The list is long, and the answer is clear, fence installation in your San Francisco property is the best decision for it.

Are we San Francisco Fence Solutions that you need?

 Do you want a stress-free transaction from inquiry to structure completion? Is material availability and build quality your top concerns? Are you looking for a company with years of experience and a reputation for good service? If YES is your strong answer to all of these questions, then call us now at 415-877-8290! We confidently regard ourselves as the one of best fence contractors in San Francisco area as we offer the best package deals for you!

What do you mean by your package deals?

 Our package deal is five-part. It includes (1) consultation, (2) paperwork, (3) material canvassing, (4) construction/installation and (5) structure after care.

Consultation – When most clients call to inquire about our services, we refer them to our team of experts who offer a FREE initial consultation. This consultation covers discussion on the profile of the location for fencing, project specifics, appropriate materials, duration of installation, possible schedule of installation and finally a costing quotation. Again, this is free and all interested clients must simply book an initial consultation slot with our admin team by calling 415-877-8290.

Paperwork – If in need of any, our team is ready to assist our clients in the processing of permits and other paperwork needed for the project. We proceed with our installation processes with careful compliance to the areas’ zoning laws and regulations.

Material Canvassing – We have an inventory of good quality materials ready and available. However, if the client wants to explore other material options that we do not supply at the moment, we will handle the canvassing of material options. This also assures better chances at striking deals and lower price options since we have a network of connections in this industry. Our years of experience in this industry has gained us a lot of these connections and partnerships.

Construction/Installation – We have an expert team to handle the installation process. We do not hire third-party service providers to uphold the quality of our work in both process and output.

Structure After-Care – Some fencing options are virtually maintenance free, however, some of them may require regular care for a more improved lifespan and performance. Outdoor elements will weather your fence, and in order to counter this, there will be a need for maintenance care. For installations that are by our team, we offer discount deals for maintenance and other after-care. We also open our after-care services to external installations, but with different rate offerings. For cases where repair is needed, if it is within a warranty (if the installation comes with one), repair will be free or with discounted pricing. The costing will depend on the nature of the repair to be performed and its cause.
Yes, you get this five-part deal all for the best pricing offer in the market. Well, here is more! Check out our list of offerings below.

Installations Mainly For Security And Strength Purposes

Guard Rails Installation 
Tennis Courts Fence Installation 
Back Stops Installation 
Steel and Aluminum Fence Installation 
Aluminum Porch Hand Railing Installation 
Chain Link Installation 
Aluminum Porch Hand Railing Installation 

Installations mainly for aesthetic and visual purposes

Vinyl Fence Installation 
SimTek Fence Installation 
Ornamental Aluminum and Steel Fence Installation 
Cedar Wood Fence Installation 

Installations for specific functions and purposes

Dog Kennels Installation 
Gate Operators Installation 
Dock Parts Installation 
Dumpster Enclosures Installation 
Cages and Enclosures Installation 

Can’t seem to find what you need in our installation listing? Get in touch with our admin staff and explore more of our specific offerings. We customize according to your specific needs as well. We are your one stop fencing company in San Francisco (servicing surrounding areas of San Francisco too).

Convinced? Book your initial consultation slot now!

How do I book an initial consultation slot?

Reach our admin team through calling this number—415-877-8290. Do note that booking is on a first-come-first-served basis.

You will be asked to provide personal information such as your last name, address (this is to confirm that we service to the area of your property). If you are not comfortable giving your specific address, you may simply give us a famous landmark around the area, enough to give us a vague clue of the location.

Confirm your schedule.

As easy as that! If you won’t be available on your slot schedule, inform our admin team at least three days ahead. This is to give them time to re-schedule. Failure to avail of your slot on the agreed schedule as well as failure to inform our admin regarding your unavailability three days prior will incur a lost slot. You would need to re-book again.

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We are all over San Francisco

There is a very small room to commit mistakes. As one of the most trusted fence builders in San Francisco, we make sure that we proceed with your project from start to finish without being hampered by glitches and technical difficulties.

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We will work within your budget

We will work within your budget, making sure you still have a good amount of choices and customization options. Still not convinced why we identify as one of the best fence builders in San Francisco?.

Vinyl Fence Installation
San Francisco

Imagine the typical picket fence, but instead of wood material, it is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This the vinyl fence installation. It is famous as a do-it-yourself project by some homeowners because they can be store bought then personally installed, although for better durability, we recommend getting professional help for the installation.Again, this vinyl fence installation is of the plastic material called PVC.

SimTek Fence Installation
San Francisco

Decorative walls have been a popular choice among our clients looking for alternatives to wood; the ones that are more resilient against weathering elements. A SimTek wall is molded of sunlight stabilized polyethylene which makes it very durable. It is engineered to withstand temperatures ranging from -40° to +140° F and can withstand direct sunlight exposure as it contains UV-12 inhibitors to combat ultraviolet rays from the sun.

Steel and Aluminum Fence Installation San Francisco

Considered the kings of metal, steel and aluminum are two very widely used materials across different industries, construction being an obvious inclusion. Both materials are very common in fencing installations because of their durability as a material. Because both metal and steel are used in a variety of ways, it may be confusing to identify which one is the best for you. These materials actually have some important benefits and differences.

1) Do you Offer Free Estimates?

Yes, we do offer free estimates. We give the costing quotation only after an initial consultation. This is to ensure that the quotation that we provide to you is as close as possible to your actual costing. During the free consultation, our experts will consider everything related to the project—type of installment, materials, style and design, customization options, among others. It would be helpful if you give our experts an accurate picture of your area so they could recommend the most appropriate options. If you wish to have a FREE consultation with our team, please book your slot with our admin by calling 415-877-8290. Hurry, we are quick to be fully booked!

2) How soon you can Install my Fence?

You will be scheduled as soon as possible. We book client schedules on a first come first served basis. You will know your possible schedule for installment during the initial consultation as well. How soon your schedule would be, depends greatly on a number of factors. Weather conditions, holidays, peak seasons, and other unprecedented events are some of these factors. We work rain or shine, but when the weather no longer allows for a safe working environment for our team, we do not dispatch them to the field. We do not service on holidays as well. Lastly, our peak seasons usually have us fully booked. We see a rise of bookings during the summer usually.

3) How long will my fence Installation take?

This will depend on the type of fencing project that you chose for your property. Our offerings include simple to complex installations. Simple installations like vinyl fences, and other pre-made fences have a shorter work duration compared to more complex ones, say ornamental steel fences or a long and continuous handrail installations. If you opt for customization that would require special preparation of the material, it may also take longer than usual. During the initial consultation, our experts will be estimating the time of delivery as well to better pace your expectations. Get a free consultation with our team now, please contact our admin at 415-877-8290 for a consultation slot.

4) Will you obtain a Fence permit for my Project?

In San Francisco, fences that are built within the maximum height permitted do not need any permit. The maximum height allowed by zoning laws is 3-feet height for the front yard and 6-feet high on each side and rear areas of the yard. Any fence installation with heights beyond the allowable maximum must secure a permit. The fencing plan will be approved according to certain criteria which includes build type and materials. When homes and properties are along major roadways or airports, they are more likely to be allowed to install taller fences due to the nature of their location. For cases where a permit will be needed for the project, our team will be of full assistance to you.

5) What types of fencing materials do you install?

We have options of wood, steel, aluminum, vinyl, and many more. This will depend on your choice of material. Our materials are very durable. Our wood is of red cedar lumber species which is known to serve up to a decade when built for fences, if maintained appropriately. Vinyl is also very promising when it comes to durability as it is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and is resistant to extreme weather conditions. Steel and aluminum are already very known in the avenue of strength and durability. We also have SimTek walls as the newest addition to our installation lineup. These are made of PVC as well and do not warp or deform under great weight or temperature.

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