About Us

Our CEO and his founding team started San Francisco Fence Solutions back in 2004, because they saw a rising need for added property security against cases of theft and burglary. According to the website neighborhood scout, San Francisco saw 46.09 and 6.10 rate (per 1000 residents) in theft and burglary cases respectively. A count of 50,356 property crimes (57.1 crime rate per 1000 residents) has also been recorded.

That’s why, our company was built with the promise of enhancing your security, helping your property get fenced, and working with you through its whole process.

Along the way, with the help of our whole team and very loyal clients, we became known in the whole area of San Francisco. This is great thanks to testimonies, pleasant reviews and word-of-mouth from our clients who appreciated our service.

From being a humble local business to being a fence contractor in San Francisco with a developing reputation, the company saw great growth over the years. Years into the business however, the founding team identified yet another need to be met—a stress-free fence installation experience. Here began our joint mission of not only providing quality fence installations, but great customer service as well.
A customer service team and admin team were formally established to focus on this need on top of the existing installation team. Today we have a home-bred team of experts that are ready to serve our clients with utmost quality service.

Going forward, we have expanded our services’ reach to include even the surrounding areas of San Francisco. We have also expanded our installation options and raw material listings to include sixteen offerings, all customizable to every client’s project. We even include structure accessories to make sure it fits the specific needs and wants of each client. Our offerings range from budget-friendly choices to more high-end options that cover strength, durability and quality, regardless of the costing. We swear by the quality of our materials and of our work.

Our newest offering includes warranty and loyalty perks. Our warranty perks are offered in only some of our services as of the moment. In the event that the fence we installed would need any kind of repair within the warranty period, we will offer discounted or free services depending on the nature of the needed repair. We look towards expanding this warranty feature in the near future. Our loyalty perks are offered to our clients who had a fence installed by us and seek after-care like maintenance from our team as well. Services will be offered with big discounts.
In the bigger picture, through our field of expertise, we hope to contribute to your neighborhood, as well as San Francisco’s overall improved safety and enhanced visual appeal. Fencing should not sacrifice the visual appeal. We value this concern and work with great effort towards serving the aesthetics for your place as well.

Our team is committed to our joint mission of quality fencing and quality service. Enhance security. Get fenced. Work with us!

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