Vinyl Fence Installation San Francisco

Imagine the typical picket fence, but instead of wood material, it is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This the vinyl fence installation. It is famous as a do-it-yourself project by some homeowners because they can be store bought then personally installed, although for better durability, we recommend getting professional help for the installation.

Again, this vinyl fence installation is of the plastic material called PVC. PVC gives vinyle fences a nonporous build, making for ease of maintenance. Since it is nonporous, it is easily washable using a recommended water and dish soap mixture. Cleaning is especially required when the fence has algae, mold, or mildew, common occurrences when the fence is installed in an area where it occasionally gets damp (by the sprinkler for example). When the fence seldom gets damp, it is virtually maintenance free as it doesn’t rot, crack, splinter, rust, chip or peel the same way wood and steel material do.

Vinyl fences can be installed in three ways: privacy fencing, picket styled fencing or ornamental fencing. Privacy fencing have tall slats installed close together, blocking off sightlines.

Picket-styled fencing resembles the typical American home picket fence look. Ornamental fencing is installed mainly for decorative purposes.

Vinyl fencing offers a wide variety of design options that include neutral colors (white, tan, gray), bold colors (red, blue, green) and textured finishes (natural wood).

Actual pricing will vary according to project specifics.

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