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Tennis courts are usually “caged” with a fence mainly for ball control. The International Tennis Federation (ITF) and the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) have not specified a certain required fence dimension. However, there are generally accepted measurements for the fence height as well as its spacing.

Standard ball control fencing height is 10 ft., however there are some circumstances where the 8’ or 12’ heights are accepted. Some players appreciate a more open feel, so the fence on the sides may be reduced to a 3’ or 4’ height, if not eliminated completely. These dimensions vary according to the court’s size. Playing courts have different sizes according to use. There are children’s courts, personal courts, and courts for official purposes. Official games use differently sized courts for single and double matches as well.

The common materials for tennis court fencing include pipe railings with cables and chain links. Another option for the fence other than galvanized chain link steel include vinyl-coated chain linked walls with netting on the frame (wood or steel frame).

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