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Most of our fence offerings are permanent structures. However, we came to consider that some fence needs may be short-term only. Specific indoor and outdoor events, for example, would need barricades or standing fences only for a couple of days. To better serve this need, we offer temporary fence installation.

Quite obviously, it is the opposite to its counterpart, permanent fencing. They are removable, free-standing self-supporting fence panels. They are easily movable, easily installed and easily restored.

Our temporary fences include panels, anti-scale fences and pedestrian barricades.

Events like job fairs and bazaars make use of panels since it is efficient in sectioning a big area into small individual areas. If the event is exclusive and would require privacy and tight security, anti-scale fences are installed.

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These are 8-foot long panels made of mesh and steel plates. If the event is big and is expecting huge foot traffic, pedestrian barricades are installed. These are commonly used for outdoor concerts and festivals.

Our temporary barricades are up for purchase, but we also rent them out. This is in consideration to customers who do not have a storage area and would therefore be inconvenienced by purchasing them.

Actual pricing will vary according to project specifics.

Does this installation look like what you need for your property? Do not hesitate to call us for inquiries at 415-877-8290. You may look around our product listings for more options as well. The San Francisco Fence Company offers a variety of fence installation choices that you may consider. All our services are at the best price in the market today. We service the whole San Francisco area and have lately expanded our reach to San Francisco’s surrounding areas as well. Talk to our team of experts to get a clearer picture of what you want and need. Call us now at 415-877-8290.

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