Steel & Aluminum Fence Installation San Francisco

Considered the kings of metal, steel and aluminum are two very widely used materials across different industries, construction being an obvious inclusion. Both materials are very common in fencing installations because of their durability as a material. Because both metal and steel are used in a variety of ways, it may be confusing to identify which one is the best for you. These materials actually have some important benefits and differences.

On shear strength alone, steel outweighs the aluminum, because it contains a high amount of carbon. This amount of carbon makes it heavier than aluminum as well. The weight of steel makes it resistant to deforming under extreme weight, force or heat. Steel has lighter forms such as mild steel and carbon steel that are cheaper (cheaper against aluminum even), but are not as strong. The biggest drawback of steel is its susceptibility to corrosion. It will need a coating of paint or other treatments to ensure better lifespan and performance.

Aluminum on the other hand is the lightweight, rust resistant alternative to steel. Its lightweight quality does not pose much of a problem however, because it has excellent strength-to-weight ratio, meaning it is very durable despite its weight.

It is again, incredibly resistant to corrosion, but can still be enhanced with a variety of finishes. It is also cheaper than 100% steel, and mostly preferred by most of our clients.
All in all, both still make of good fence materials specially serving strength and durability.
Actual pricing will vary according to project specifics.
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