Cedar Wood Fence Installation San Francisco

Wood fences give off a unique charm and added “natural feel” to one’s yard. Given so many options in our listings, many clients just can’t help but fall in love with our cedar wood fence offering.

A lot of people erroneously regard wood as the least likeable material for a fence. However, this is not true and it actually is a matter of what type of wood is used. We use cedar wood, a species of lumber that is considered to be very durable because it doesn’t warp, shrink or split (compared to a pressure treated pine). When maintained well, it can even last up to a decade’s use. Talk about a worth it investment!

Cedar wood fences can be installed in two ways: standard privacy style and shadowbox style. The standard privacy style have wood slabs installed side by side, with no sightlines in between wood slabs.

The shadowbox style is a semi-private design where both sides of the fence are identical and there sight-throughs in between wood slabs.

Actual pricing will vary according to project specifics.
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