Dog Kennels Installation San Francisco

Nowadays, it is common for pet owners to engage their young pets in what is called crate training or kennel training. This is a practice that teaches a pet, especially dogs, to accept a cage or kennel as a safe and familiar location. This is also important for house training dogs to prevent them from littering indoors or chewing on valuable home pieces and furniture.

Importance of kennel training includes priority for quality kennels as well. Kennels are structures that serve as shelters for dogs and is commonly rectangular in shape. Its dimensions are customized according to the dog’s size to prevent them from escaping through jumping or climbing out. The dog kennel installation that we offer is made of chain-link walls, framed by steel tubing. They can be built as a temporary or permanent structure, according to request. Choice of roofing and flooring is also up to the client.

Usually, permanent structures include a dog house or proper roofing and flooring, while temporary ones are made of either six or eight panels and are easily foldable. Temporary kennels are mainly used for transport and travel.
Actual pricing will vary according to project specifics.

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