Back Stops Installation San Francisco

Games of baseball and softball are known for its rough nature. This does not involve the players alone though. These games are known to have a record of causing injury (and some even death), to its live spectators. Especially for the game of baseball, a certain seating area has even been given the nickname “slaughter pen” from majority of injury records coming from spectators seated in the area.

Following these incidents, fencing around these playing arenas became an essential requirement. Back stops are the protective fence installations specifically for this purpose—spectator safety.

Back stop fence dimensions are commonly not less than 4.88 m in fence height. Its chain link mesh size is usually 50 mm in size. Aside from the back stop, we offer other protective fencing installations such as the outfield fence, player bench protective fence, spectator protective fence, foul line fence, gates, and fence fittings.

Considering how a fastball can travel as fast as 100 miles per hour record speed, our fence material has been chosen according to how well it can receive such an impact. This is the reason why we made use of galvanized chain link steel.

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